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Cash Tournaments of Poker

Do you have the spirit in you to be strategic, smart and fast? The guts to play on skyrocket stake but mint loads of cash? Your opponents will be sweating and you walking away with lots of green bills. This is your chance to get your booty from this amazing a cash tournaments of poker. Well if you categorize yourself as a poker freak here’s your golden opportunity to shake up that hidden winner in you and brush up your wisdom on this intoxicating game.


How do you get in? It’s easy what you do is, buy chips and a “buy-in”, well a buy in is your permission to participate in this game, when you do that you get registered and begin to play in ongoing tournaments available from the home page. The decision to go on any available table is pretty random.

Guaranteed Tournaments

Just like the sound of the name in this type of game the money is guaranteed. Here is how it works – the poker room promises a specific amount of prize money. For example, there is 100,000 $ of guaranteed cash to be given by the poker room. Player can equally distribute it at the end of the game come what may. If participants are less in number and the guaranteed prize pool cannot be reached, the poker room chips in the difference amount, alternatively if the number of players exceeds, the prize pool gets increased by their buy ins.

Multi Table Tournaments

This game needs at least 12 players registered in advance. The prize pool is huge as the number of players is large. As the game moves further and player lose they are removed gradually and the number of tables are reduced to one final table. Later when one player wins all the chips the game ends.

Satellite Tournaments

As the title speaks these tournaments produce winners and promote them to enter and play into bigger and special cash tournaments of poker. They may be on a single or multi table.

Sit and Go Tournaments

With an upper limit of 10 player this one is a fast paced single table tournament which is played nonstop, till someone wins with all the chips. Starting as soon as the table is full, this tournament has no particular start time. Single table tournaments run for about an hour and on the on the hand multi table for many hours.